How long does it takes for delivery ?

Depending on the location. Big city tend to receive their parcels within 1 to 2 days or more for outside of the area.

Which courier service do you use for delivery purpose?

We are partners with POS LAJU and J&T Express.

How do we make a payment ?

We used Online banking (FPX) like Cimbclicks, Maybank2U and we receive payment thru credit card and debit card as well.

What kind of payment do you use?

We use Toyyibpay for the transaction.

Do you ship worldwide?

Currently we can only ship within Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei only.

Can I return the item if there is some defect on the tshirt or the merchandise purchased?

Yes you may return and exchange, but there will be no refund . Kindly refer to our Return and Refund policy.